10 Sep 2022 -  18 Sep 2022

Antonio De Rossi - The Figurative Murrina

Event organised by Antonio De Rossi
Figurative Murrina is obtained from one of the most refined techniques of Venetian Glass Art, and Antonio dei Rossi is its sole and ultimate creator.
The Murrina is a meticulous micromosaic formed by strands of glass of innumerable shades that make up the subject to be represented.
The composition, the cylinder created (usually the Murrina is circular) is 11cm in diameter by 7/8 cm high. The shape is then fused and pulled in the furnace; thinned in diameter it transforms a rod that will later be cut in section into thin discs thus obtaining a miniature of the original design.
Antonio dei Rossi, a Venetian, son of Art for Figurative Murrina, Master Glassmaker is also a designer and an artist and gives continuity to his glass works by setting them in his jewelry or vases, to objects for furniture and fashion as well as for art installations.

Event Dates

From Saturday 10 September To Sunday 18 September

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Murrina Leone
Murrina Tigre
Murina Rosa
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Antonio De Rossi - The Figurative Murrina

Via dei Mercanti 2 - 20121 Milano

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