17 Sep 2022 -  25 Sep 2022

Fragile Venezia

Event organised by Darsena Design Studio
Venice, the fragile city, fragile as glass. The project represents what Venice shares with glass, a bond that has paradoxically made strong this delicate city. Thin wooden slats rest on “the lagoon” and they support the blown glass spheres that represent Venice and its fragile soul. The light permeates through the glass and plays with the transparency of the water, creating a sinuous disorder that recalls the urban structure of the island, chaotic and inimitable. The message that the installation wishes to convey is a delicate balance between the unpredictability of water and the uncertain future of Venice. The thought therefore turns to helplessness in time. Hope lies in the responsibility that each of us can choose to take part in.

Event Dates

From Saturday 17 September To Sunday 25 September

Event Notes


Fragile Venezia_Darsena Design Studio
Fragile Venezia_Darsena Design Studio
Fragile Venezia_Darsena Design Studio
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Fragile Venezia

Dorsoduro Fondamenta del Gaffaro 3535 - 30123 Venezia

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