18 Sep 2022 -  14 Oct 2022

Tessa & Tara SAKHI with Le Lab / 'I Hear You Tremble'

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T SAKHI is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Venice, co-founded by Lebanese-Polish sisters Tara and Tessa Sakhi. Following 3 years of research workshops with Venetian glassblowers in Murano, they recuperated metal waste from nearby factories and infused them within the glass to achieve new stone-like glass textures.
15 sculptural vessels ‘Jurat’ (urns in Arabic) premier in their first solo-exhibition ‘I Hear You Tremble’, set in Chiesa di San Gallo, a 16th century church in the heart of Venice.
Bearing resemblance to archaeological cinerary urns placed in tombs, ‘Jurat’ addresses the value of time on objects. Conjuring textures of excavated eroded artefacts, the sisters drew connections of glassmaking between the Venetian lagoon,Ancient Egypt, and their Middle Eastern heritage.

Event Dates

From Sunday 18 September To Friday 14 October

Event Notes

From Tuesday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday
Monday Closed


17 Sep 2022

Tessa & Tara SAKHI with Le Lab / 'I Hear You Tremble'

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Casual opening with fresh cocktails
Urn I - T Sakhi
Texture I - T Sakhi
Texture II - T Sakhi
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Tessa & Tara SAKHI with Le Lab / 'I Hear You Tremble'

Campo San Gallo 1103 - 30124 Venezia

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