Inauguration: Fortuna Vitrea

Event organised by Centro Studi per il Patrimonio Culturale
Fortuna Vitrea springs from Centro Studi per il Patrimonio Culturale’s desire to create a network of craftsmen and professionals in the cultural field aiming at protecting and enhancing the ancient Murano glass tradition. By creating tailored dresses incorporating artistic glass elements, Arman Avetikyan, a stylist working with the experimental clothing and creative project Froy, will present a revolutionary approach to the glass making art Murano is historically famous for. The project will establish a connection between the stylist’s creativity and the technical ability of the master Matteo Tagliapietra and Riccardo Todesco. The exhibition will present the leitmotiv of the event by presenting a selection of glass works and the preparatory drawings by Maurizio Toso Borella.

Event Timings

Saturday 17 September From 6:00 pm To 7:30 pm
Anatomy of glass #1
Anatomy of glass #2
Anatomy of glass #3
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Inauguration: Fortuna Vitrea

Fondamenta Manin 1 - 30141 Murano, Venezia

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