Inauguration: Resi Girardello. Submerged Venice in Glass

Event organised by Bottega Cini – El Cocal Glass Studio
Performance: the installation, Submerged Venice, enriched with that eternal liquid element, Glass, was born from a reflection on a scientific article: "Venice Sinks" (Le Scienze, March 2022). The authors have drawn up a statistical model based on data published by the IPCC and argue that in 78 years the effect of rising sea water will threaten many coastal cities in the world, Venice included: the level of the lagoon could rise by 82 cm by 2100. Once again Girardello has considered it urgent to create a work to raise awareness on the subject. A single metal thread gives life to historic Venetian buildings, from whose outlines, glass-bodied marine animals appear, ready to inhabit a city that we humans would still like to call home too.

Event Timings

Sunday 18 September From 6:00 pm To 8:00 pm
Resi Girardello, Ippocampo, metal wire, glass , 15x7x4 cm. ca, PH. Bianca Nardon
Resi Girardello, Red fish in Venice, Metal wire, glass , 25x35x25 cm. ca
Resi Girardello, Venice's Spiral stairs , metal wire, glass , 80x50x15 cm. ca
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Inauguration: Resi Girardello. Submerged Venice in Glass

Dorsoduro 735 - 30123 Venezia

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