17 Sep 2022 -  30 Sep 2022

A breath

Event organised by Franco Schiavon Gallery
From the idea of the artist Francesco Perruccio and the mastry of the Simone Cenedese’s furnace, the sculpture "Breathing" is born: two lungs, in intense 'Venetian red' color, created in order to capture in a work of art the main witness of the pandemic that in recent years has incredibly proved us. So craved in the darkest moments of lockdowns, desperately absent in the frenzy of hospital Covid-wards, suffocated by the harsh necessity of masks: breathing is now impossible to underestimate. Breathing is life, energy, lucidity, freedom, and not forgetting what – symbolically - our lungs have had to face gives us a new unfamiliar sense of humanity and, consequently, the possibility of building a shared hope on it.

Event Dates

From Saturday 17 September To Friday 30 September

Event Notes


Frontal image of the entire work.
Perspective image of the entire work.
Construction detail using cold engraving technique.
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A breath

Fondamenta dei Vetrai 26 - 30141 Murano, Venezia

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