Cast Glass Sculpture - 30 years of experience

Event organised by ALDANA-MENDEZ Taller Escultura
To create an Art work, we are completely immersed in our concepts, sensations and experiences, and we need the best technical solutions. Learning a new technique is major discovery, leading to, as we create, OUR OWN WAY. Pilar will talk about her way to cast Glass Sculptures, the way she makes positives, the mold making process, the effects achieved by working on the molds and the final touch to finish the pieces. When she started in glass in 1992, invited by the Glass Centre in Barcelona, she was already an expert sculptor in Stone Sculpture and Clay Modeling, adding certain of these methods to the cast glass process.
Pilar teaches sculpture techniques in her studio in Spain and abroad. She is from Colombia and has learnt and developed her profession as a sculptor in Europe.

Event Timings

Wednesday 21 September From 5:00 pm To 7:30 pm

Event Notes
Access the conference using the link 10 minutes before when possible
For direct contact use whatsapp +39 34654608508 only before the conference

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