Reception: Marta Sforni. Florilegium

Event organised by ARTESPAZIOTEMPO
The title of the exhibition refers to the idea of collecting and assembling select pieces: the term florilegia refers in fact to those works on flowers praised for their ornamental qualities rather than their medicinal or botanical content. The painter Marta Sforni has for years engaged in the representation of glass objects. This year the artist presents a series of new works dedicated to the theme of glass flowers. In this new project the artist associates glass with nature, as an expression of strength and vitality to inspire us to begin again. In particular, the association with art will be made through one of the most enchanting and wonderful aspects of nature, which not only possesses the power to attract insects, on which their existence depends, but ours as well.

Event Timings

Friday 09 September From 6:00 pm To 7:30 pm
Marta Sforni - Blackboom - 2022 - 50 x 40 cm. - oil on linen
Marta Sforni - Clearday - 2022- 62 x 48 cm. - oil on linen
Marta Sforni - RGB - 2022- 135 x 110 cm. - oil on linen
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Reception: Marta Sforni. Florilegium

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo - Cannaregio 2877 - 30121 Venezia

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