An Adventure in Light and the Colour of Glass

Event organised by Isitituto Scolastico Abate Zanetti e Museo del Vetro
Conference is given by Professor Antonio Pires de Matos of the Research Center "Glass And Ceramic for the Arts", (, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
VICARTE Research Unit - Glass and Ceramic for the Arts

The colour of glass is an important property of glass, and artists are asking for more colours than the ones already available. They are also interested in the possibility of substituting the composition of glass which contain toxic compounds in particular cadmium, selenium and cobalt. This lecture will explain in detail how the colours of glass can be obtained. Revelations about new processes will be described.
A small introduction to the principles of light will be made, essential to understand the phenomenon of colour that involves light, our eyes, and the brain.
This lecture, given in English and Italian, will be targeted to students that work with glass and to a wider audience interested in the colour of glass.
At the end there will be demonstrations.

Event Timings

Friday 23 September From 10:30 am To 11:30 am
Filigree canes of transparent uncoloured glass under ultraviolet light.
Filigree work – Courtesy of Maestro Ballarin Giuliano "Vetreria Artistica Ballarin Roberto”
Iridescent glass object with a thin layer of tin oxide (experiment made at Vicarte)
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An Adventure in Light and the Colour of Glass

Calle Briati 8/b - 30141 Murano, Venezia

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